Some Holiday Cheer: Cyber Monday Statistics

Alas, another Christmas season has come and gone. Songs were sung. Stockings were hung. Christmas trees were decorated. Children laughed. Children cried. Parents ate too much. And of course, the sounds of stores opening and closing their cash registers rang from Black Friday to Christmas Eve.

But in the world of cyberspace, a new wave of activity was taking place. Shoppers were staying away from the crowds, and making their purchases from home. Statistics from IBM Coremetrics show that Cyber Monday sales greatly outpaced those of Black Friday, a pretty incredible feat.

In addition, Cyber Monday sales were up a whopping 33% from the year before, with total sales numbers estimated at around 1.25 billion dollars:

The study also showed an increase in sales from mobile devices, a trend I can only see increasing in the future.

What’s my take on all this? That this trend away from the crowds and towards the online shopping sites will continue to increase.

I find shopping malls during the holiday season horrific. Fortunately, eCommerce sites continue to improve both in terms of ease-of-use and product offerings. Today with sites like Amazon, you can buy anything you want online with a lot less hassle than traditional bricks-and-mortar stores. So who wouldn’t want that?

For marketers, this is another chance to remind company decision makers that digital marketing and eCommerce should be high on the priority list.


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